wobblers 1-2 years

We strongly believe in the formation of trusting bonds between our Wobblers and our Staff. Small group sizes allow our staff to develop a deeper understanding of your child’s personality, likes, dislikes and developmental needs.

As soon as your baby starts to find their feet we will talk to you about moving them into our Wobbler room. Our programme is designed to develop and re-enforce each Wobblers individual needs.

Your child will be encouraged to participate in many sensory based learning experiences, whilst receiving positive nurturing guidance from our Staff. Staff assess each child’s developing skills, and then provide interesting, fun and challenging activities designed to increase these skills.

  • We maintain a high ratio of nursery staff to Wobblers
  • We also introduce more structured periods of play and sleep times
  • We provide a daily report book detailing all nutrition, sleeping, activities and nappy changes, so you can monitor your child routine closely
  • We have a separate outdoor play area specifically designed for our youngest children; we have a great selection of outdoor toys, climbing and physical equipment, and have included an area for sand, water and messy play!!!
  • Your Wobbler will be introduced to a large selection of toys to encourage individual and interactive play, general development and social skills. They are actively encouraged to join in the many activities including , painting, play dough, water, sand, story times, dress up and outdoor play.