Rugby is a popular sport that requires strength, endurance and fitness. Our Pre-school and Afterschool children participate in weekly Rugby classes with our coach Paul.

Our Rugby class has been developed to start encouraging children to use core skills like balance, agility and co-ordination. At this age, we believe it is important to begin developing social skills, and we promote these during Rugby class by encouraging girls and boys to share, take turns and work together to complete certain activities.

  • Basic skills will be learnt without them even knowing it, they will learn
    to pass, run, catch, kick, sprint, tackle and tag all while having a blast.
  • It enables children to play together; rugby is a team sport after all.
  • Problem solving can be introduced through challenging games, this allows children to ‘think on their feet’ - an important skill being able to ‘play their way’ out of a tight spot.

Watch our children cheering on the Irish team!’

We are proud sponsors of the Ballina Mini Rugby Team - Click here to visit their website