our staff

When you place your child in our care, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a highly competent and qualified team is caring for your child.

Our staff are our most valuable resource, and the utmost priority is given to ensure that they reach their full potential. As a company, the Mulbery Tree Learning Centre ensures that all staff have access to in house on-going training and development to keep at the cutting edge of their profession.
Our Staff are all qualified childcare professionals, with substantial experience in their field, In fact one of the cornerstones to our huge success is the length of service our staff have built up over the years. 
A quarter  of the staff at the Mulberry Tree are working with the company since its foundation over 20 years ago.  This speaks volumes about their commitment to their profession and their loyalty to the company as well as their  pride in their work and job satisfaction the company team spirit that has been built up over the years. We have very high standards of care and attention.  The enthusiasm and energy among the staff is highly infectious……

  • We carry out a rigorous recruitment process before employing only those whose vocation is the care of children. We seek to employ carers who are qualified, experienced and who share our Values
  • We look for individuals who have excellent communication skills so that they can build trusting and open relationship with children and parents. Our staff culture is one of fun, teamwork and dedication to high standards.
  • We implement strict working policies, procedures and practices and employ a level of staff to comply with staff-child ratios defined in
    pre-school regulations.
  • We provide continuous on-the-job and off-site staff training to maintain our high standards of care.
  • We have an "In-House"Curriculum support Officer employed to support the development of the curriculum for each age group.