sand room

There are so many benefits to sensory play and sand play in particular. It is much more than just another way to keep children busy, it is a bustling factory of developmental growth. In addition to honing sensory and science skills, sand play builds language, social, and dramatic
play skills as the children negotiate with one another to share tools, create stories, and build dialogues. Both small and large motor skills are being developed, as the children manipulate the sand and tools of the day. Creative thinking is encouraged as the children are essentially
invited to explore and come up with new ways to use the materials. As the children are learning appropriate boundaries with the Sand Room they are developing more self-control and body awareness.

Because of our understanding of the importance of sensory play and sand play in particular, we have designed a unique Sand Room which all of our children have access to daily. Our children are free to explore the properties of sand and the endless activities and imaginary play scenarios that occur when different materials are added such as water, leafs, stones, dinosaurs etc.