other mulberry friends

Do you know what Sammy Smyth looks like? If, you do, let us know!

Sammy Smyth is the most mischievous and greedy boy who ever was. He never did one thing he was told to do in The Mulberry Tree. When all the children were busy doing their puzzles and work, he would sneak out to their school bags and eat all their lunches, stuffing as many as six ham sandwiches into his mouth at one time. He has disgusting manners. It all got too much for Ms Jackson when she caught him in her office one morning stuffing his mouth with her lovely currant scone. With that, she banned him from The Mulberry Tree and sent him down to St. Muredach’s college where the big boys won’t take any nonsense from him.

However, sometimes Sammy sneaks back into his old haunting ground and gets up to his little tricks, making a mess and emptying cupboards and causing trouble. Ms Jackson suspects he’s lurking around the centre because the currant bun she has for her 11 o’ clock break keeps disappearing. Nobody knows what Sammy Smyth looks like – he is like a ghost creeping in and out unseen. If you think you see him, quickly draw a picture and tell your teacher, but don’t tell Breege – because she goes mad at the mere mention of his name!



Some of the other toys who come to life to give us facts and information and find fun things for us to do are:

Professor Fact  - he's always got something fun to teach you

Fireman Fred - listen carefully, he'll keep you safe and sound.

Miss Mulberry – tells the mums and dads interesting things about their child’s day